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It is an interesting word i learnt in primary school, a life cycle of a caterpillar…from the egg till a butterfly. I took note of how beautiful they look but up to now when i see a caterpillar i get goosebumps immediately!

This metamorphosis ┬áprocess is still quite a topic of interest to me, not just how it transforms creation naturally but also the conditions that are involved. It came to my notice that when the caterpillar is undergoing that stage of shedding and hibernate, it takes lots of time in forming into what we admire, in case any outside help is offered, its natural course tampered with, it may lose it’s life or come out deformed!

Imagine, poor guy looks half dead, he could use some help, but natural demands self help, well there it goes, life requires full force collaboration, no shortcuts.

If we get so comfortable and resist natural course of life, our response to the process will produce fine products, all the needed requirements nature provides! God orchestrated greatness in us all, our ability to display our potential, our beautiful colors (joy, peace, love, kindness, mercy among others)

unfortunately, this process isnt one of great delight, though its necessary to bring out our beauty, embrace your path, no complaints, grumbling, embrace God given promises, through all seasons

But by the renewing of our mind…Romans 12:1-2 allow this transformation!